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Update April 8, 2017: Given the new Livejournal TOS, I'll continue to upload fic here. At this time, I'm not moving my personal journal to DW but I will be using this screen name to friend/follow/join communities that migrate here. Just so you know I'm legit!

I crosspost everything at AO3 so if you prefer to comment anonymously or you're like me and prefer to just hit the 'Kudos' button, you can access my fic there as well. Thank you!!

astrangerenters at Archive of Our Own

Disclaimer: All works contained in this journal are works of FICTION! I do not own the characters or people in them. I make no profit from it, although I do feel kind of warm and fuzzy inside, and you can't really put a litigation price on that. There will be UNLOCKED stories containing adult situations, language and assorted activities. Please be old enough to read it or smart enough to not tell me.
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